Robotic Steel Processing

Plinius Engineering are excited to announce the commissioning of their new dual robot steel processing capabilities. After the installation of the worlds most productive steel processing machine Plinius can now compete with the overseas market whilst adding unsurpassed speed, quality and accuracy. Plinius have invested heavily in this latest technology ensuring long term employment and job security for our Australian employees, by  becoming competitive in the world  market.

With the capabilities of the Robotic Steel Processing machine we have been able to  fabricate the AMFP Arch way as shown.

Flat Bed Plasma

To compliment the processing machine, Plinius have now invested a state of the 5 – axis head flat bed plasma cutting machine.

The addition of this machine enables Plinius to by-pass the delay of out-sourcing cleats and plates to do them in-house and in varying thicknesses of up to and past 50mm thick.